Author FAQs: Electronic Publishing and Open Access

Q. Will my book be available as an eBook?

Yes! We publish almost all our books in electronic format simultaneous with the print version. As an author, you will be entitled to an eBook copy of your publication.

Q. What is your pricing policy for eBooks?

We operate a dual pricing strategy for our eBooks, pricing for both individual customers and institutional purchasers. Discounts are available to institutions when multiple eBook titles are purchased directly from the publisher.

Q. Do you publish any Open Access content?

Yes, We have a Taylor & Francis Books Open Access program that allows authors and their funders to publish open access (OA) single- or co-authored books, edited collections, and individual chapters. Our Open Access books program complements our well-established Open Access publishing program for journals. It encompasses books in all subjects covered by Routledge in the humanities, social sciences, and behavioral sciences as well as science, technology, engineering, and medical titles published under our CRC Press imprint.

Click here to read our Open Access FAQs.

Q. I have an existing book contract with Taylor & Francis. Can I change this to publish the book open access?

You would need to contact your Editor at Taylor & Francis to discuss this but this should not be a problem if you have the necessary funding.

Q. I have published a book with Taylor & Francis. Can I now publish the book open access?

Yes, if your title has successfully gone through our peer-review process it will be eligible to be converted to open access. For more information on converting your published work to open access, including process, benefits, charges, and potential waivers please visit our Retrospective Open Access page.

Q. To what extent can I integrate Taylor & Francis content with my institution’s Learning Management System (e.g. Blackboard)?

Your Editor will work with you to ensure that the companion materials prepared alongside introductory textbooks are compatible with Virtual Learning Environments/Learning Management Systems and of the greatest value to instructors and students. Instructors will be able to assign exercises from your book as practice assessments and share links to your book in their online reading lists.

Q. Can my book contain an online component?

Yes, we have Companion Websites for our introductory textbooks and host online resources for many books. The specific type of online resources for your book will depend on what type of book it is and the size of the audience. For more information, contact your Editor.

Q. Can I make material from my book available on my personal/work website?

Please consult with your Editor.